The new Wahlburgers Restaurant is located in Celebrity Square at Broadway at the Beach.

Wahlburgers serves lunch, dinner and drinks, this fast and casual burger concept by Alma Nove and founders, Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg and brothers Mark & Donnie Wahlberg features a chef-inspired menu offering delicious burgers and so much more!

When you walk into the restaurant you are greeted by a hostess.  You are given the choice of stepping to the counter and ordering your food.  Then you can take your foot upstairs to eat.  The other option is to sit down for a full-service dining experience.

When I ate here, my family chose a full dining service.  I got the Fiesta Burger in a Chopped Salad Bowl.  The chopped salad bowl is any burgers served as a salad.  The food was really good especially the Tater Tots!  My family will definitely be back for a return trip.

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Trudeau Photography  @matthewtrudeau1


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