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Myrtle Beach Fishing Report

Get our always-up-to-date information on what’s biting in Myrtle Beach. Our Myrtle Beach fishing report is updated frequently. We contact local Captains and collect information on what’s running and biting. We also have a great seasonal guide on what is generally biting during that time.

All across the Grand Strand, there are all kinds of anglers catching fish everyday. From deep sea fishermen to local Myrtle Beach pier fishing, there is a fit for anyone who wants to go fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Every week, we get feedback from local anglers on what is biting across the Grand Strand and compile it here. Check out the latest Myrtle Beach fishing reports from all over and add yours if you’d like to featured here.

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  • Fishing Seasons

    While we try to provide the most up to date fishing knowledge around, we know that mostseasons have similar fish running. If you’re coming in the following seasons, we have mini-guides below that explain the type of fish you’ll likely catch. From shore fishing to offshore and deep sea, check the charts for what you’ll likely be gunning for.

    Spring & Summer

    In the hot Myrtle Beach months, things are busy! All the Myrtle Beach Fishing charter boats are running, piers are full and vacationers are in full swing. This is the most popular season for good reason: the fishing is great!

    Pier Fishing

    Fishing off the piers in Myrtle Beach during the summer is sure to have some competition: you’ll likely be snagging a spot alongside more than a few other fishermen jockeying for position along the side rails.

    But, fish will bite. If you are there at the right time, you’ll hook fish like:

    • Flounder
    • Black Drums
    • Red Drums
    • Sharks
    • Spades
    • King Mackeral

    Off Shore Fishing

    The most popular, off shore fishing in Myrtle Beach is usually where most charter captains will take you. You’ll probably go about four to five miles off the coast or sometimes run the back creeks all over Little River and Calabash.

    You’ll be snagging fish like:

    • Flounder
    • Big Redfish
    • Sting Rays
    • Sharks
    • Trout
    • Black Drum
    • Spade Fish
    • Cobia Fish
    • Black Bass
    • Trigger Fish

    Deep Sea Fishing

    If you are lucky enough to go out on a big boat for a deep sea fishing adventure, you’ll be able to make some pretty memorable catches! Offshore fishing has some serious advantages like deeper waters, usually less competition (you can find a spot where no one else is fishing) and more privacy. We recommend that you try an offshore Myrtle Beach fishing charter if you are looking for the best experience. For our deep sea fishermen and women, you’ll be snagging the best fish in Myrtle Beach.

    • Sharks
    • Snowy Grouper
    • Sea Bass
    • Mahi Dolphins
    • Blackfin Tuna
    • Bluefin Tuna
    • Amberjacks
    • Pompano
    • Hogfish

    Fall & Winter

    When things cool down, some fish start their breeding and become much more active while others slow down. There are fewer charter boats (although some do run all year round). But, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to catch! Check out the options fish we see running in the off season.

    Pier Fishing

    Just off the pier, you’ll be greeted with much smaller crowds than during the regular summer seasons. Check out the fish you’ll be grabbing if you head out to the piers:

    Off Shore Fishing

    Just off shore, you’ll be catching a few less than you may in Summer, but a few large fishing are still running up and down Little River to Calabash.

    • Whiting
    • Croaker
    • Black Sea Bass
    • Flounder
    • Sheepshead
    • Black Drum
    • Red Fish (Bulls)

    Deep Sea Fishing

    If you’re willing to brave the cold out there and go deep, you can still catch some pretty nice fish. Check out the list for some common cold water big fish:

    • Snappers
    • Black Sea Bass
    • Amberjack
    • Blackfin Tuna
    • Bluefin Tuna
    • Grouper
    • Wahoo
    • Red Porgy
    • Triggerfish

Myrtle Beach Fishing Report

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